A Little Bit About Us

We hope to get to know you soon. But before that, here is a little bit about us.

GuruJivan Kaur Khalsa

GuruJivan has been teaching for the past 45 years and is now semi-retired. She now consults as a Director of Teachings in Australia and New Zealand and mentors teachers so that more and more people will have the benefit of this magnificent technology in their lives.

GuruJivan has been humbled by the opportunity to share this technology with so many people from around the world, leading workshops, retreats and Teacher Training, always trusting in the technology of Kundalini Yoga and keeping the teachings in their purest form.

GuruJivan respects each person’s individuality and encourages students to pursue their own goals during practice while maintaining the highest level in teaching.

Didar Kaur

Didar Kaur is a Lead Teacher Trainer (Level 1, 2 & 21 Stages of Meditations) on the team and comes from a background of over 30 years in Health Science. Didar has been teaching and mentoring Kundalini Yoga teachers and students for nearly 3 decades, both throughout Australia and internationally. Didar teaches with other international training teams, is also a qualified Yoga Therapist and has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

After walking into her first Kundalini Yoga class many moons ago, Didar felt like she had come home. She feels humbled and blessed to be able to support and elevate the training team, teachers in training and students on their journey.

SevaSimran Kaur

SevaSimran Kaur is a Professional Teacher Trainer on the team. Her first introduction to Kundalini Yoga was in London in 1991 and she began teaching in Perth in 1998.

From her first class she knew that she had found a profound yogic spiritual practice, one that brings transformation, awareness, insight and intuition.

SevaSimran also works as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been in practice for over 25 years.

Dharamjot Kaur Khalsa

Dharamjot Kaur was hooked on Kundalini Yoga after her very first class. Her ego had a field day during that class but that feeling of Oneness afterwards was something special.

She is a Professional Teacher trainer who enjoys teaching all elements especially Mind and Meditation & Philosophy. Dharamjot is also a qualified Conscious Pregnancy and Radiant Child Kundalini yoga teacher.

She brings a relaxed and light energy to the training team supporting students and the training team.

Support Trainers

There will be other specialist trainers joining the training team from time to time. We thank them for their support.

Har Kiret

Har Kiret

In 2004, Har Kiret (Lucinda) discovered the power and beauty of a Kundalini Yoga class and felt a profound sense of “coming home”. She received her KRI Level 1 Certification many years ago and is an Intern with the KRI Trainers Academy.

Har Kiret has always had a deep passion for yoga and is also a counsellor and yoga therapist. She has additional formal training in Hatha Yoga, Japanese Yoga and Yin Yoga. The union of the mind, body, and soul has helped her throughout her life to live in a more compassionate, heart-filled, abundant way.

Her love affair of Kundalini and all of its teachings continues to embody her heart, life and classes with healing love, depth, transformation abundance and light. Har Kiret is honoured to serve others through the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Jiwan Shakti Kaur

Jude Hesse / Jiwan Shakti Kaur became a student of Kundalini Yoga on the 10/10/10. It was introduced to her by a very close friend who had just become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She felt at home from that very first class.

Her life changed again at 60 years of age with Kundalini Yoga and she has not looked back. 

In 2013 Jiwan graduated from the Level 1 Teacher Training in Perth, Western Australia. From that time she has delivered several classes a week, has hosted international Kundalini Yoga Teachers, assisted with Perth Teacher Training and has organised events to introduce Kundalini Yoga to various communities and support our Sanghat.

KYWA, Kundalini Yoga Western Australia was formed in 2010 and at present Jiwan is the chairperson.

Jiwan remains loyal, faithful and is in gratitude for the teachings, as it has guided her to walk the path of a Happy, Healthy and Holy life!  

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Priya Angad

Priya Angad

Priya Angad loves teaching Kundalini yoga and meditation to all that cross her path.

She is passionate about sharing the amazing technology of Kundalini Yoga Breath Walk, assisting and supporting many individuals to improve their mental wellbeing and inner awareness. She has experienced firsthand herself how life changing it can be.


Our trainings are approved and registered with KRI - Kundalini Yoga Research Institute, the peak body for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training around the world.

All of our Trainers and Support Trainers are professional members of KYTANZ - Kundalini Yoga Teachers Australia New Zealand Association Inc., a not for profit association.

KYTANZ serves the spiritual and professional growth and unity of all Kundalini Yoga Teachers in Australia and New Zealand as well as serving the wider community, by creating greater awareness and embracing the power of the teachings as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Our intention is to truly embody the values of the Age of Aquarius, guided by openness, kindness, transparency and the consciousness that we are all One. We are committed to serving our community so that together we can be the “Lighthouse” serving and elevating each other, our community and the world.

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