Sexuality and Spirituality 2nd Edition


Sexuality and Spiritualty 2nd Edition by Guru Rattana Ph.D

Sexuality and Spirituality offers both men and women the real prospect of great sex with deep intimacy, contentment, satisfaction, and divine connection.

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This amazing manual reveals previously secret Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations from which you can find the means to achieve your greatest joy and fulfillment.

Our sexual energy impacts all aspects of our life: How we relate to our sexuality is a determining factor in how we relate not only to our partners, but also to our family, friends, children, and all those with whom we interact. We are all sexual beings, so this book is for everyone - regardless of age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, spiritual path, or level of sexual activity.

This updated and expanded 2nd Edition offers new material about a man’s and woman’s sexuality, how to practice the locks for sexual pleasure, polarity balance for men and women, and opening the heart to sacred love. It also retains the much loved Kundalini Yoga sets and meditations from the original 1989 edition, in what remains the only published source of much of this amazing material. In total there are some 120 exercise sets and meditations for you to enjoy and build your practice upon.