Self Knowledge


Attain Your Highest Potential by Experiencing the Totality of Yourself

Self Knowledge contains the tools you can use to experience the totality of your own self. Each meditation or set of exercises has an immediate positive impact. These techniques, practiced regularly, give long-term positive development of your highest potential to live your own life fully and well.

Yoga Sets and Meditations:


  • Accessing the Source of Strength in You
  • Angular Body Energy
  • Becoming Crystal Clear
  • Challenge the Ego in You
  • Conquering Depression
  • Connecting with Your Source of Infinite Energy
  • Creating and Conserving Pranic Energy
  • Coordinating the Body, Mind and Soul
  • Creating Self-Love
  • Developing the Power to Win I
  • Developing the Power to Win II
  • Developing Strength and Balance
  • Eliminating Tension and Pain
  • Experience Your Own Strength
  • Experiencing Your Elementary Personality
  • For a Calm and Open Heart Center
  • Gan Puttee Kriya to Make the Impossible Possible
  • Healing the Stomach
  • Removing Body Blocks
  • Refining Your Sexuality and Spirituality
  • Removing Fear of the Future
  • Self-Control Through Developed Sensitivity
  • Throw off Stress and Uncover Strength
  • Understand Your Goodness
  • Unloading the Unconscious Burden
  • Unlock Your Mind
  • Yogic Salutations
  • Working on the Metabolism


  • Building Physical Health and Mental Clarity
  • Base of Your Creative Capacity for Life
  • Commanding the Command Center
  • Conquering One's Imagined Disabilities
  • Elementary Adjustment of the Brain
  • Experiencing the Original You
  • Facing the Challenge of Tomorrow
  • Give Yourself a New Life


  • Sushmuna
  • Ida
  • Pingal