Self Experience


The Experience of Infinity and Bliss in our Own Finite Form

Self Experience is the experience of Infinity in our own finite form. Kundalini Yoga offers us the discipline through which our self can experience our Self. It is a path that will lead us onward to find that bliss that is at the core of being human.

It is the Divine Circle of Life that the soul longs for, the experience of the Creation through its human life, and the human longs to merge again with Infinity. It is the Union of the self and the Self that we seek and that, paradoxically, can make us fully human.

Yoga Sets and Meditations:


  • Adjustment of the Blood
  • Adjust the Heat of the Body
  • Awaken the Diaphragm
  • Conscious Re-Birthing
  • Adjust Your Rib Cage and Lower Spine
  • Creating Internal Balance
  • Detoxification
  • Firing up the Metabolism
  • Overcoming Tiredness
  • Recharge Yourself
  • Overcoming Weakness
  • Preparing Yourself Physically, Mentally & Spiritually
  • Recuperate the Inner Organs
  • Release Stored Pain
  • Take Charge of the Energy of Life
  • The Sun Wheel Meditation
  • Heal Your Troubles
  • Work on the Hypothalamus
  • You and Your Body
  • Work on the Psyche through the Spine


  • Ardas Bhaee
  • Breath of Ten
  • Chakkar Chalunee Kriya
  • Cleanse the Bloodstream
  • Conquer Pain
  • Experiencing the Psyche
  • Fight Brain Fatigue
  • Healing Energy of Earth and Ether
  • Healing the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Bodies
  • Regulate the Systems of the Body
  • Relief from Stress
  • Relieve the Suffering caused by Duality
  • See the Unseen
  • Subagh Kriya
  • Strengthen Intuitive Projection