Physical Wisdom


Kundalini Yoga – Wisdom expressed through Action!

Physical Wisdom contains 42 illustrated Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to achieve a radical improvement in personal health, both mental and physical. It includes a section on meditations for effective healing through your chakra system.

Kundalini Yoga is wisdom expressed, not through words but through the medium of action. It can only speak to you if you do it. You will experience the unfolding of your own inner wisdom as you properly use your physical body in its regular practice.

Yoga Sets and Meditations:


  • Self-Healing
  • Self-Renewal
  • Strengthen the Immune System I
  • Strengthen the Immune System II
  • Change the Ions in the Body
  • The Healing Strength of the Inner Self
  • Message for the Lymphatic System
  • Perpetual Youth
  • For Creativity
  • To Activate the Central Nervous System
  • For Inner Vitality and Stamina
  • Immune Yoga I
  • Immune Yoga II
  • For Energy and Rejuvenation
  • Yoga for Children
  • Yoga for Young People
  • More Yoga for Young People
  • Wake-Up, Warm Up and Get Up
  • Re-Vibrate the Immune System.


  • Chakras, Physical Wisdom and Healing
  • Meditation for the First Chakra
  • Meditation for the Second Chakra
  • Meditation for the Third Chakra
  • Meditation for the Fourth Chakra I
  • Meditation for the Fourth Chakra II
  • Meditation for the Fifth Chakra
  • Meditation for the Seventh and Eight Chakras
  • Sodarshan Chakra Kriya.


  • Kundalini Meditations for Physical Wisdom
  • Adjust the Brain and Increase Intelligence
  • Inner Assessment
  • Transition into the Aquarian Age
  • Meditation for the Navel, Heart & Throat
  • To Know through Intuition
  • Eliminate Tension and Stress
  • Techniques to Fight Fatigue
  • More Techniques to Fight Fatigue
  • Ten Steps to Peace
  • Stress Relief.